Introduction & Results

I am a free tipster providing horse racing betting tips. I estimate that I should make between 100 – 150 points profit per year from a small betting bank of 20 points.

I am mostly a horse racing tipster and currently, I tip favourites to win AKA a favourite backer. Don’t be put off by my short prices as you can see from my results spreadsheet that my free tips are well worthwhile following!

I used to tip other sports but I just stick to horses now as they are more profitable. But I will occasionally put up a darts, snooker & golf tips from time to time.

I haven’t quite managed to crack laying short-priced favourites yet. Laying means betting to lose. In theory, if I can make money by backing favourites to win it should be easy enough to pick the favourites which should lose, but it’s proving harder than it looks. So I will give it another go in 2018 and if they prove profitable for three months running I will start tipping them.

Free Horse Racing Betting Tips 

My horse racing tips are for one point win singles with bookies who offer best odds guaranteed (BOG).

It’s important that you back my racing tips early as most of them come down in the betting!

My racing tips are usually posted on here around 5pm – 7pm the night before.

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Results Spreadsheet

Professional tipsters publish results.

Whichever tipster you decide to follow, please avoid the ones that don’t publish results. Afterall would you bank with a bank that didn’t provide bank statements?!

I update my results spreadsheet daily.

Betting Bank / Staking Plan

I advise that if you want to start backing my horse racing tips that you start off with a 20 point betting bank.

All tips are for one-point win singles unless otherwise stated. So e.g. if you start off with say £200 and a one-point bet equals a £10 stake.


I always shop around for the best prices as it really makes a significant difference over the long term. But if you stick with one bookmaker for convenience you won’t be making anywhere near the profit that I do, that’s for sure. Plus there is a good chance that your account will be closed, So I always advise to spread your bets around!

If you are serious about making money gambling you really need to have more than one account. Betfair is a must have account as they are one of the bookmakers that have their prices up early and have some decent special offers for the televised races on ITV.

Price is king with me and I am not loyal to any bookmaker.

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