German Darts Masters (ET2) QF

Seems to be a bit of a thing here where my accumluator loses in each round, but my double wins to save the day so I am breaking even in each round. Maybe a treble here will buck that trend!

I am not sure of the times or the order of these matches, but these tips are up with plenty of time in hand.

Wright v Richardson

Richardson had the 2nd lowest 3 darts average of 93.22 in all of the last 16 matches and he beat Adrian Lewis only because Lewis only managed 3 doubles in 21 attempts. Which is worth bearing in mind for the Premier League on Thursday night.

Wright normally knocks in 100-105 averages and his doubles have averaged 61% in his last 2 matches so I have to side with Peter here.

White v Smith

White played well to beat Jelle Klaasen in the last round but Smith was superb on the doubles with 85.71% and got an average of 104.56 in the last round. Smith is a confidence player and he must oozing confidence right now!

Anderson v Cullen

Cullen had a 92.34 average which just isn’t enough to trouble heavy scoring  Gary Anderson who got 101.66 in his last match.

No handicap markets available at the moment for these matches as I want to to back Gary here -1.5 legs, so It’s just 3 straight wins here.

MvG v Dobey

I have never heard of Dobey before to be honest, but he was pretty good pushing Chizzy to one side with a 102.25 average, 42.86% on his doubles and the most 180s in the round of 7! That’s enough to beat most top players but will it be enough to beat MvG?

I am sure that MvG will win here but the odds on offer for an MvG win after Dobey’s performance are way too low so I will sit this one out.


Win Treble

  • Wright

  • Smith

  • Anderson

6/4 Paddy Power (2.51)


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