Horse Racing Results – June Onwards

Win Bets Tipped

02.43 June

23.07 July

Place Bets Tipped

6.36 July

Total  Profit June & July



I already have a spreadsheet here for all of my tips but thought it would be easier to show monthly results for horse racing here too as I changed they way i picked my horse racing tips on the 1st June 2016

April & May

I paper traded these tips for two months before I went live with them for June. The strike rate for both months averaged out at 33% giving 16 points profit for April and 27 points profit for May for wins only.


June however was not as good with only 22% strike rate, but the prices of the horses that won were generally higher than in April and May. But the profit was only 2.43 points.

However I paper traded the same horses for June only for a place at Betfair SP and they proved more profitable than backing them for a win. The strike rate was 59% giving 6.03 points profit. They are not included in my results as I tipped win only for June.


July was a roller coaster of a month with none of my first 8 tips finishing first, then a total profit of 45 points on Saturday 23rd to a 15 point loss for the last week. But I am happy enough with the 29 points profit for the month. Unfortunately there is nothing that I can do with the winning and losing streaks but if you stick with a 30 point betting bank you should come out in one piece at the end of the month in profit.


From 1st July onwards I recommend to back my tips for both a place at Betfair Exchange SP and a win with bookies that offer BOG for 1 point each. This will still fit in with my total betting bank of 30 points for all my betting tips.

The advantage of this is that if the wins are poor, like for June, the places will make up for it. Plus it helps the cash flow during losing runs.

If you don’t have multiple accounts or find it too much hassle putting on bets with different bookmakers I would suggest doing 2 points place at Betfair SP instead. It will take less time and there is no urgency to get your bets on.  But please don’t get tempted to back them for 2 points win only as losing runs will wipe out your betting bank!