I Will be Back Tipping on 1st November!

My circumstances have changed so I will be back tipping on 1st November. At this stage, It may well be just horse racing tips.

I decided to take a break from tipping over the summer as I was studying for an exam which I needed to pass in order take a degree. I passed and I am still waiting to find out if I will be accepted for the degree or not.

I also have been trading horses AKA Scalping which I will have to stop as I thought my degree only required 8 hours per week and it turns out that it’s 8 hours of lectures plus 16 hours of coursework.

So I won’t have time to study, work and trade horses. As trading takes up a whole afternoon I will shelve that for now as picking out horses to win takes around 45mins to an hour.

My tips will be favourite backing and some will be odds-on, but they will be profitable, which isn’t for everyone, but profit is profit.