Free Horse Racing Tipster – Thu 18th Jan

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Another 2nd today, when will this end!?!

Why Follow my Free Horse Racing Tips?

If you want a low-risk way to make money every month by backing short-priced favourites with a small betting bank, you are in the right place. If you are looking for a tipster that makes money every month with bigger prices and no losing runs…I will save you time, stop looking as they don’t exist!

Don’t be put off by my short prices as you can see from my results spreadsheet that my tips are well worthwhile following!

When looking for a tipster don’t just judge by prices and profit as a guide, as that is only part of the story! For example, a tipster who recommends using a 50 point betting bank and has a profit of say 30 points isn’t as profitable a tipster with a 20 point betting bank who produces 15 points profit! Let me explain:

  • Let’s say that you start off with a £1,000 betting bank.
  • 50 pt betting bank, 1 pt equals £20, so 30 pts profit is £600.
  • 20 pt betting bank, 1 pt equals £50, so 15 pts profit is £750.

So don’t be fooled by profits based on points alone!

My free racing tips are up early, so if you work when racing is on you can always put them on the night before.

You are better off following my free short-priced favourite backing tips that make money every month rather than following other tipsters with bigger prices as they tend to have long losing runs and losing months.

If you are looking for a consistent tipster that is profitable, I’m your man.

My Results

I have results going back to 2015 that are available for all to see, which include darts, snooker and golf tips. But I just stick to horse racing now as they are more consistent and are my betting ‘cash cow’.

But my horse racing results from 1st November 2017 are using my current selection method. So all the other results are irrelevant really.

I estimate that my results for 2018 will be somewhere between 100 – 150 points profit. But check out my results and judge for yourself, my results for November and December 2017 can be viewed here & 2018 results can be seen here.

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There will be reminders for my horse racing tips on Facebook & Twitter every morning & the night before.

Bookmaker’s Accounts

You really should have accounts with several bookmakers as getting the best prices daily really makes a big difference in the long-term. Betting with one bookmaker will be less profitable and you have more of a chance of getting your account closed down, so spread your bets around is the way to go.

If you are serious about making money from betting, Betfair is a must have account.

Free Bets Betfair free bookies offer

€100/£100 in free bets


Daily Horse Racing Tips

I recommend that my tips are for 1 point win singles using a small 20 point betting bank. The prices below are the best prices available at BOG at the time of posting these tips.

Get on early as most of my tips tend to come down in the betting.

3.10 Ludlow Virak 10/11
1.50 Ludlow Axe Cap 7/4

€100/£100 in free bets